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Still tying knots with filament but the tree is not bare. I only get time to do that sort of thing on the weekend.

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See! It’s getting there.

Anyone have tips on getting a decent photograph of a white Christmas tree? Seriously. It always looks so washed out on camera (it probably doesn’t help that I use my camera phone) but oh! gorgeous! in person. Help

P.S. I had plenty more to share with you all BUT my pictures won’t upload at the current moment. I’ll try again tomorrow!

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Where have I been? Please. Like you were wondering? Really? Okay. Truth be told on a long hiatus from teh interwebz. Mostly.

Anyway! I am back. To click & clack out another post. Eeee!

Last week was a busy week. Even though I worked all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I was dreaming of things I could make for the holiday. I found several recipes and although I did make five things! FIVE! 5! (& I wasn’t even hosting the party. Yes, I am brushing my shoulders off as we speak.) I dreamt of several others but just didn’t get the time.

I made:

1. Jalapeno cornbread

2. Pumpkin roll (not pictured) –I had to make two. Let me tell you about that. I was up until five in the morning. Birds were chirping & the sun was screaming at me. Okay, the later is not true but my brain was very fuzzy and annoyed that I was even up let alone bothering to make food. So! I was up and made a pumpkin roll. Inpatient because I was sleepy cranky I went ahead and unrolled the first cake much too quickly. It cracked & cracked & made many of canyons before I decided it looked awful like shit and to save my dignity, I made up another. This one went fine & I popped it into the refrigerator quicker than the morning bird could catch the worm. Trust me, it looked good. As good as pumpkin rolls can.

3.(fake) Sausage, apple, and sage dressing.

Beginning Process


End Result

4. Pumpkin cheesecake.

I stomped my mixture of graham crackers & gingersnap cookies (the gingersnaps were my idea. thanks.) to bits & pieces. Read: I really, really need a food processor. A.S.A.P.

I used part neufchatel & real cream cheese in the mix. That way it wasn’t as fatty & you’re still left with all the taste of new york style cheesecake.

5.(fake) Bacon maple bread.

Used another morningstar product. My favorite fake meat brand. Anyone else upset about their discontinuation of the corn dogs?

Getting ready to bring home the bacon! Sizzle!


Prebake! Looks like vomit. Tastes great!

All of them turned out great except the first go with the pumpkin roll. Which is kind of silly because that was the one thing I’ve ever made before. Everything else I winged and crossed fingers for decent results. –My uncle even asked for the bacon maple bread recipe & a friend of a friend loved the dressing. I scoff at this because both people would probably not have tried fake (although delicious) meat products otherwise. You know how those hillbilly types can be. Har Har Har

Also! I failed to mention this before all of my enticing food pictures but! I apologize for no finished result photos. I was too busy running to bed, waking & rushing, stuffing & conversing to do that. Forgive me.

What else? What else!

Black Friday. Yeah, I went out. Shopped. At 4pm. Found two dresses & a bra.

Check it!

Found this black dress. I really liked it on the clearance rack. Obvious reasons. Tried it on & looked like I was in the beginning stages of pregnancy. Back to the rack it went.


I found this on the more expensive end of the clearance rack but liked its look & liked it well enough to buy it. It just needs tights, flats, and a simple black blazer. We’re in business!

On the way out, we got starbucks! Typically I won’t buy it because it’s too much $$$ for what it is but I recently had it & wanted more more, more, more, and more. I got my usual chai tea with gingerbread. Yum!

After shopping at a few other stores & with little success for burried black Friday madness goodies, headed home. Dug out my recently purchased white christmas tree(!) & vintage ornaments(!) and got an early start on cleaning and rearranging for this tree.

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The Mrs. Meyer’s pine scent for the season is heavenly. I love it. I have big plans to head back and get another bottle of the spray & dish liquid or hand soap. Can’t decide which between those two. If you’re cleaning & decorating this stuff will put you in a much more festive mood. Buy it!

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I have boxes of ornaments & I still feel like I don’t have enough. I’ve been searching thrift stores more religously lately looking for ornaments but as we all know when you’re looking for something that’s when it isn’t to be found. +Definitely keeping my eyes open for the rest of the year for more.

Where do you guys think I should put this little pixie/elf? In a wreath? On the tree? Sitting amongst other decorations?

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It’s one of the few ornaments I have that isn’t an actual bulb. I am not one for wooden/plastic/fabric ornaments. Usually. Ain’t my thang, mang!

The electricty went out for several hours the other day (which means I lost hours of time to do what I do best) & so the tree remains in progress. I am also removing all hooks and replacing them with monofilament. It’s somewhat of a chore seeing how the monofilament needs double knotting or it unravels itself. +All I need now is a tree skirt, more ornaments, and time! Some stockings would be nice too.

Until next time! I’ll quit making run-on sentences and thoughts & hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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Hey! It’s me! Remember me? Still alive! In case you were wondering (see how i threw that pity party right into the mix? Yeahhhh)? I’ve been busy. So busy that my friend progress (remember her? I mentioned her last time. You might have forgotten…) hasn’t been able to drag me away from life. I compromised though & decided to write this blog post. Hurrah!

Life. Yes! I’ve been busy working. eating. breathing. cleaning. baking. reading. living! and even trying! really, really trying to craft.

Don’t believe me? See!

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Washed My Car

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Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Reading Magazines

Eating Fantastique! Pizza Pizza Pizza

Enjoying The Last Signs Of Autumn. Especially That Ceramic Pumpkin

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Adjusting To The Sun Now Setting At 5

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Crafting My Thanksgiving/Post Halloween Autumn Decorations

Crafting, eating, baking, living, breathing, enjoying, etc! It’s all been so nice & I am looking forward to Thanksgiving (even if I might not have these Thanksgiving/Autumn crafts finished) because I am very much dreaming of all things white, twinkling Christmas lights, vintage bulbs, glass glass glass, Christmas trees, and decorating for Christmas. Period

I’ll be back suckahz! Hopefully sooner than two+ weeks!

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Hey! Let me first apologize for my friend, progress. I know I said she would be accompanying me Thursday but! she has been stubborn and refused. We’re still trying to work together. Working, crafting, and doing. –I always underestimate just how long projects will take. Give me another week. Minimum.

Halloween weekend was decent. Time has rushed past me & I just didn’t do everything that I wanted to or planned to. Didn’t pass out candy, dress up, or watch all the spooky movies I had planned. Instead I settled for the next best things:

Made a batch of sugar cookies!

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Rolled the dough with my hands & used three simple cookie cutters. This one being the pumpkin.

Multimedia message
It created quite the bounty. Hard to tell but the other two shapes are peeking out in that mound. Ghosts & Cats.

Multimedia message
Icing them is surely the best part. Maybe even better than eating them. Maybe.

Pumpkin & Dark Chocolate Cookies

I also made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I got too busy & became quite forgetful and forgot to take pictures of the baked lovelies. They’re good. Not my favorite cookie but a good autumn cookie.

1031-09 Melt

Went to Melt for lunch & had a few sips of pumpkin beer but not the meatloaf sandwich. No, no. I had something far better!

Big Popper Melt

Ultimate fries (french fries with kidney beans, onions, sour cream, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and green onions) & the big poppa (beer battered bread, herbed cream cheese, cheddar cheese, jalapenos and berry preserves for dipping). It’s my very favorite sandwich of all time. In the whole.wide.world.

& because Halloween was passing I had to try their pumpkin cheesecake before it was too late!

Pumpkin Cheese Cake Melt

It was delicious. Not as good as regular new york style cheesecake. 

P.S. I did not care for the warm whipped cream and syrup (everything should be warm or cold. No in betweens here people. Not with me).

Jay Reatard

+While driving around I spent a good part of the day listening to Jay Reatard’s Blood Visions. Just because. & track seven is my favorite. Easy.

Because I am greedy & free/frugal is my middle name I went to chipotle to get a free burrito. Yum!

Chipotle Free Burrito

& Lastly I’ve seen this house a few times a week for the past month & although I am not big on holiday outdoor lighting (with the exception of white lights at Christmas) I thought this was decent. Could even  be better with the right silhouettes (black cats, ghosts, witches, or spiders) and maybe an array of purple, green, and orange spotlights. Everything could be improved. Am I right?

Lighted Halloween House

Regardless of what you did, I hope you all had a great Halloween!

& Here’s to improving upon it for next year’s celebration!

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Well! I am still working on my Thanksgiving project but I’d like to get a specific pencil for it instead of what I am currently using. So! It’ll be a few days (Insert: frown face) before I’ll have it finished or have enough progress to show you what is going on with that.

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Bedside! Magz! Glasses! Decorations! Pefume! Oh! Wow! –I am missing two essentials that I would normally have. Chapstick & Water.

What have I been reading? The latest Martha Stewart Living, Food, Real Simple & the Oct./Nov. issue of Ready Made.

I’ve also got a few things this week while thrifting that I want to share! I am kind of (really) excited about a few of them & will take pictures a.s.a.p.!

Back tomorrow! Progress? Progress, my buddy, is coming with me tomorrow!

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As I am writing my blog post I am chowin’ down on this:


It’s pretty good. Normally I’d throw an apple in there for good measure and occasionally a banana butttt today I have no bananas and there is always half an apple left (& who is in the mood to deal with that?).

Autumn Tree 0001

Autumn continues to impress and show its best.

It is so pushy in trying to show off that this buddy boy here was waiting for me in my car.

Leaf on Dash

My car. That reminds me! I wanted to show you all something. If you have a Toyota Corolla maybe you can relate.

Stranger's corolla

Here’s a picture of a Corolla I snapped the other day. –Do you see what I see? That’s right, zoom & focus those eyes. Whoever owns this car decided to remove the headrests in the backseat.

My Corolla 001

This is my car. They remain. Notice how large & in charge they are? They do obstruct the view a bit if you are short (Hey! I am five feet/six inches). However, I don’t think I could pry them out and have gaping holes glaring at me from the backseat. Who said the price of beauty wasn’t risky? Risk taker, I am!

Thrift Spoons/Fabric/Velvet
Excuse the quality of the photograph. It’s all much, much nicer with real eyes and not camera lenses.

I went to the thrift store before work and got orange velvet, two wooden spoons, and some vintage floral fabric. -I have an idea for that orange velvet involving crafty time + thanksgiving. Just you wait!

Oh! I just have to share this dining set. Check out those chairs! I want them. Retro & Modern.

Multimedia message

&! While I bid you adieu admire this beauty:

Multimedia message

He’s a candy dish.


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Yesterday I got to visit the Easton center in Columbus. Reminds me of Beachwood place.

Had these babies:
5 Guys Cajun Fries

Cajun Fries! Aaah! They’re good but not one of a kind. They remind me of the fries at Red Robin if you use their seasoning. Still, I am a sucker for anything Cajun. Especially Cajun pasta but we’ll talk about that another day.


Five Guys Easton

It was pretty late by the time we actually got to Five Guys because I had to go to Trader Joe’s first to get these:

Trader Joe's Sushi

Sushi! I love their spicy krab rolls. I would eat an entire package everyday if they didn’t expire so quickly and they weren’t four bucks a pop. I bought two. Had one last night & one today for lunch. Yum!

& because it was nearly 9 by the time I left the restaurant I window shopped. Which is better anyway because then you don’t have the crowds or sales associates pressuring you to get this & that. No thanks.


Aldo Flats

I saw these & have to have them. Eventually.

Banana Republic:

Banana Republic Chain Flat

These are the chain flats from BR & although they’re nice they’re not worth the hundred dollars they cost. They remind me of the flats that Vera Wang had at Kohl’s a few months back but suede. If I ever got these they’d have to be 75% off but they’re still cute.

Banana Republic Ruffle Flats

Ruffle flats from BR. Although I like these and have seen many imitations I wonder if they just look better on the mannequin than they could ever look on me. Oh! & As if I had to tell you, I would buy the knock offs.

Banana Republic Outfit

I really like the simplicity of the outfit. The bracelet was my favorite part and I can dig the dark denim casual dress pants and shirt but I don’t know if I could rock the scarf. Just. Don’t. Know.

Pottery Barn:

PB Leather Chair

Ever since I sat down in a very comfortable leather chair at World Market a few weeks ago I am behind leather arm chairs as long as they look sleek and are in dark shades. Loved this one & the white wool-y rug beneath it.

PB Thanksgiving Display

They also had this pretty elaborate Thanksgiving setup. I could easily see myself borrowing a few of their ideas. Especially this:

Jars with mini Indian Corn

I just need apothecary jars. They are between forty & seventy dollars at pottery barn. Um! How can I say this politely? No thanks. I’ll be shopping around.

Crate & Barrel:

C&B Leaf Tablecloth

I loved the leaf tablecloth. Simple. I think I could make this with either a stamp or taking a stencil and hand painting it. Although the tablecloth isn’t outrageously expensive so it may be best to just buy it on clearance. Cost of supplies might outweigh its sale price. I’ll keep you updated.

Jars at C&B

These are between forty & sixty dollars. Ridiculous. I do like the gourds in the jar. Autumn staple. Did I tell you that I like the idea of using these jars a lot now?

Restoration Hardware:

Restoration Hardware Christmas Tree

This tree is simple & reminds me of why I only like white lights on Christmas trees. This tree also reminds me that I need a new artificial Christmas tree. The kind that looks/feels real. If I ever learned anything from my dad I’ll wait for post holiday clearance for that too.

Restoration Hardware Christmas Wreath & Mantle Display

Simple? Check. Festive? Check.

Design Within Reach:

Design within Reach Desk

Swag Desk.

Speaking of Christmas, this is on my wish list. $$$$$

+I’ve got ideas floating in my head. Things I want to replicate and things I want/need. Same difference.


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