Hi! I’m Amber. This is my blog.

I am not one of those people who could talk about themselves incessantly. Say what you will.

 –I’ll give it a shot though.

+I am twenty three years old. I feel old and young at the same time.

+I live & am from Ohio.

+No, I don’t have any children nor am I married. I take that back. I have a daughter, BG (Kit Catttt!).

+I am a big believer on going green in as many ways you can. I realize not everyone can top their houses with solar panels, drive a prius, and buy organic everything. I know that. Sheesh. –If you can though! Do it. Buy green cleaning supplies (I do!) & try to buy as organic as you can when it comes to food & beauty (I do!)! It’s a win/win for everyone. Really, it is.

+I enjoy television sometimes. My top 5 would be: curb your enthusiasm, dexter, arrested development, big love, and forensic files.

+Baking & Food. I love them both. I like to eat food more than prepare it but nevermind that. Life wouldn’t be complete without apples, taco salads, chinese takeout, chai, drumsticks, or dark chocolate.

+I love to decorate and craft. A lot. -Recently bought a vintage sewing machine & cannot wait to put it to good use.

+Lastly! I love thrift shopping. I think it is exciting to find hidden treasures and though some trips may be disappointing, it is entirely rewarding to find that one thing you’ve searched for (for what may be or feel like an eternity).

+Anything else? Ask. Oh yeah, this is me:

Multimedia message

p.s. I like comments & friends. Feel free to add me or leave a few words.

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