Yeah, yeah. I am a liar. I haven’t posted regularly and I did not try as hard as I wanted to or should have. Coming up with blog post ideas is hard work! Know what I mean? Naw’mean?

Taking an extended vacation from this blog only makes it harder to jump back in as with most things in life. Excercise, hobby/clubs, work, life, etc. Haw Haw. Haw.

Anyway! Amis the snow that keeps coming & coming & coming I’ve managed to still go to my favorite thrift store these past few days to find these treasures:

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Vintage sheets! I am seriously considering learning how to make a quilt and I love these bright florals. They’re darling unlike the latest floral patterns found at your xyz department store walmart-kmart. You know the ones. They’re the rose/ivy flowered mauve, hunter green, and cream-colored comforters. There isn’t anything comforting about those. Nada scrada. My agenda for these is definitely going to be quilt shapes and bunting pennants!

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I am still looking for ornaments. Always & Forever baby! Who says I could ever have enough? Hush. –These are from West Germany & distributed by Montgomery Ward. The quality of the paint job isn’t as skilled as I’d like but from afar and for a dollar I cannot complain too much. I’ll definitely have to change out the ornament clasps that hold the hooks. Those are so gaudy that they’re making me gag. Not really but they’re flashy and the cheapness of the metal and detail work remind me of something you’d get out of the gum ball machines or cracker jack boxes.

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Captured this sunset last Sunday. It was pink & totally reminded me it was perfect for Valentine’s day! Speaking of, I hope you all had a great Mushy/Gushy/Puke/Love/Oxox Day!

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