I am back? I’m backkkk!

I know I said I was going to try & check in more often awhile ago & haven’t been so successful as of yet but I am going to work on it. Seriously. Now that the holidays have passed, decorations are packed, and social events have died down I think I can do it. At least more regularly than I have been. New year’s resolution? Maybe. However I don’t particularly make them. Why? I don’t see the point. At any moment I can make my own goals and I shouldn’t prolong them until the first of the year. Especially when the first of the year around here screams “Cabin Fever” and who could possibly be bothered to do anything but get sunlight, see a fresh new face/space and wish for Spring? I think the beginning of Spring should be time for resolutions if you’re going to make them. Especially when they pertain to the most common: get organized/excercise. Spring cleaning? Good weather? Ahh. Silly me.

Anyone get anything absolutely grand, great, superb, surprising, majestic for Christmas? I got a couple of things I asked for and a couple of surprises. –My grandma forces every one of her grandchildren (all nine of us) to make a list consisting of things that total no more than fifty dollars. Not so easy. I hate to sound greedy but there is so much I want that I can never decide if it’s one thing or several small things that make my list. My route this year? Several small things. 95% of them from etsy.

Vintage perpetual calendar - Pink-orange

This was my splurge. This took over more than half of my alloted budget but it was worth it. I cannot tell you how long I’ve been looking and/or wanting a perpetual calendar. A cute one.

Vintage Metal Store Shelf Clips Store Pricing Labels Holders Group of 5

I got five of these tags.

Four plastic bowls with handles - vintage

Had to have these! Yes, they’re plastic. The colors? Hard to resist. Things of this nature make me wish for open shelving/glass cabinets in my kitchen.

Patriotic red canister - vintage - NEW LOWERED PRICE

& Lastly, this beast! I have a similar canister. I believe they were originally grease jars? Correction? I have another one of these with forks/spoons/knives that I happened to get about six months ago at the thrift store. Although a collection of these displayed would be nice, I am specifically thinking of using this between Memorial day & Labor day. Probably on my desk.

Be jealous.

What else? Well since you asked! I got this:

EA Sports Active


EA Sports Active: More Workouts


Your Shape

Fitness stuff. I asked for wii active but was surprised to get wii active more workouts & your shape. Although truth be told, I hinted at wanting to buy your shape after seeing a slew of commercials this past month. I was ecstatic to be receiving all three. Last night I played wii active for the first time and am not sure if I like it more/less or the same as wii fit. I’ve only played it once so the jury is still out. I do think that wii active is better in the running portion of the game. At least in tracking it & I do like that it uses resistance bands too. After using it just once and upon waking up this morning I felt achey. Sore in a completely good way. I was surprised and happy with that. Since owning wii fit (I got the wii & wii fit for my birthday last July) I haven’t really felt sore. ever. I am looking out for ab exercises on this new game. None to be found. Just yet. &! As for your shape? I can’t wait to try it. Controller free? Correct my form? I am down! It’s on my agenda for the coming week.

I also happened to get a pair of silver/cream-y moccasins, the “wake up” kit from pixi makeup, super mario brothers (are you laughing?), a new singer sewing machine (thanks, Dad!), dexter season 3, and craft store gift cards. I guess you can say I made out like a bandit. Now for those of you who happened to get new 63″ televisions, macbooks, a new benz, or treasure chests of jewelry? Adopt me? –Haw Hah haw! I am kidding but I wouldn’t be lying if I said I am only slightly envious. Who wouldn’t be?

Enough of my bragging or talk of absence but speaking of, I am going to get back to work.

P.S. I got an owl lamp & these vintage sears children’s bedroom/nursery/playroom curtains last week & I hope to share them soon. Tomorrow? I’ll try!


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3 responses to “00026

  1. mmmm! Sweet purchases! 🙂

  2. way to start your list!

  3. Great items! Etsy is the best place to buy gifts 🙂

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