It’s really hard to get a good view of my tree. No lights/All Sunshine & laying down & this is my view:

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I like it. This is my first year with a white tree. Since I moved out (My first Christmas alone was when I was just 19!) I’ve always used a hand-me-down 7ft artificial tree. The kind that is not prelit & you have to put it together branch by color coded branch. Fluff & fluff and frown at its Charlie Brown appearance. Well! No! More! I bought this tree two days before Thanksgiving & found an aluminum tree this past summer. –Aluminum tree & white tree are both going up next year. Excited about that. Nevermind that won’t be for eleven more months.

&! A lot of thrift stores were doing 1/2half off sales on Christmas donated goods last weekend. So guess what? I went to multiple shops and this was my haul from one Friday:

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I was excited! As you can imagine. I found three boxes of pink ornaments. I was just thinking about breaking down and buying some from someone on etsy. Didn’t find enough hot pink ones this year so I might be buying from etsy next year afterall.

I also started packing away the extras.
This is my box of stencil/indents/stripes:

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All of these ornaments have got me ready & dreaming of next Christmas.

Work until Thursday! If I don’t check back in before the Holiday, Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi Amber!

    What pretty ornaments you have:)
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas…

    Have a happy New Year!
    Thanks for stopping by today,


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