Upload pictures: Mission completed!

Remember how I told you all how my white tree looks washed out? Well, I want you to see it for yourself.

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I know that’s kind of an ugly shot. Top shot only. I know that didn’t help but…now you see. I was referred to another blogger’s white tree (check Mandi’s suggestion in the comments of the previous post) and it is very pretty but what I can gather is that she has taken pictures during the day. Natural light. No actual lights on her tree are visible either. So, I still need your H e l p!

 Look at me, begging! C’mon.


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I am digging these ornaments. I got about thirteen or so about a month ago on ebay. ❤ Yes, ebay. I am normally not one to purchase that sort of thing on ebay but I’ve never ran across anything remotely similar thrifting. They came in red, magenta, teal, gold, silver, and green.

Speaking of ornaments/bobbles/bulbs!

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I have still have enough for trees & my latest craft-y endeavor:

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I actually went out and treated myself to a new craft gun. Of course it had to be Martha Stewart. I only got it because my junky dollar store one did not have an off/on switch or a high/low temperature option. It kind of just sat there spewing glue between uses and got the yank when I was finished. So? Duh! I had to have a new one.

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You see where I am going with this? Yes. Why haven’t I completed more than this? I am having a very, very hard time committing to using glue and thus forever surrendering my ornaments to this wreath. That isn’t all a bad thing. I admit that I probably wouldn’t disassemble it anyway but the what ifs make me hesitant. I’ve seen that you can allegedly “bead” them together on heavy gauged wire. I am not really fond of that idea. –I’ll be experimenting this weekend with other ideas on how to make a wreath without ruining my gold. Got any suggestions? Lay ’em on me.

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I found this mercury beaded garland at a local thrift store a few weeks ago. Three dollars for at least 5 strands. -I am not sure I will put it on my main Christmas tree mostly because I do not like garland on big trees. Not typically. I am sure someone has done it & I could maybe like it. That day has yet to come. I have plans for my feather tree though. Easy to drape and the branches aren’t so clustered to make it look droopy and gaudy. Know what I mean? Probably not. What do I know? Nada.

TWO more things!

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Horray for chunky & brightly colored scarfs! I am actually making an effort to wear mine this year. It adds spirit to my rather drab gray coat. Who am I kidding? Gray is my favorite color.

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I found this repro bottlebrush wreath at Big Lots last week & I really liked it but could not bring myself to spend ten dollars on it. I mean it is Big Lots. They’re suppose to have deals, right? Hopefully I can snag it for five after season. Also peeking out in the photograph are red bottle brush candy canes. Maybe that’s more your speed? Hey, if you’re money bags ($$$), buy! buy! buy!

Until next time,

Stay warm & drink a gingerbread chai for me.

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