Hey! It’s me! Remember me? Still alive! In case you were wondering (see how i threw that pity party right into the mix? Yeahhhh)? I’ve been busy. So busy that my friend progress (remember her? I mentioned her last time. You might have forgotten…) hasn’t been able to drag me away from life. I compromised though & decided to write this blog post. Hurrah!

Life. Yes! I’ve been busy working. eating. breathing. cleaning. baking. reading. living! and even trying! really, really trying to craft.

Don’t believe me? See!

Multimedia message

Washed My Car

Multimedia message

Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Reading Magazines

Eating Fantastique! Pizza Pizza Pizza

Enjoying The Last Signs Of Autumn. Especially That Ceramic Pumpkin

Multimedia message

Adjusting To The Sun Now Setting At 5

Multimedia message

Crafting My Thanksgiving/Post Halloween Autumn Decorations

Crafting, eating, baking, living, breathing, enjoying, etc! It’s all been so nice & I am looking forward to Thanksgiving (even if I might not have these Thanksgiving/Autumn crafts finished) because I am very much dreaming of all things white, twinkling Christmas lights, vintage bulbs, glass glass glass, Christmas trees, and decorating for Christmas. Period

I’ll be back suckahz! Hopefully sooner than two+ weeks!

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  1. sounds like you’ve been rather busy with a wonderful life. that’s what’s so great about being creative, you can really keep yourself entertained with so many projects for yourself and even other people. sounds wonderful.

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