Hey! Let me first apologize for my friend, progress. I know I said she would be accompanying me Thursday but! she has been stubborn and refused. We’re still trying to work together. Working, crafting, and doing. –I always underestimate just how long projects will take. Give me another week. Minimum.

Halloween weekend was decent. Time has rushed past me & I just didn’t do everything that I wanted to or planned to. Didn’t pass out candy, dress up, or watch all the spooky movies I had planned. Instead I settled for the next best things:

Made a batch of sugar cookies!

Multimedia message
Rolled the dough with my hands & used three simple cookie cutters. This one being the pumpkin.

Multimedia message
It created quite the bounty. Hard to tell but the other two shapes are peeking out in that mound. Ghosts & Cats.

Multimedia message
Icing them is surely the best part. Maybe even better than eating them. Maybe.

Pumpkin & Dark Chocolate Cookies

I also made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I got too busy & became quite forgetful and forgot to take pictures of the baked lovelies. They’re good. Not my favorite cookie but a good autumn cookie.

1031-09 Melt

Went to Melt for lunch & had a few sips of pumpkin beer but not the meatloaf sandwich. No, no. I had something far better!

Big Popper Melt

Ultimate fries (french fries with kidney beans, onions, sour cream, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and green onions) & the big poppa (beer battered bread, herbed cream cheese, cheddar cheese, jalapenos and berry preserves for dipping). It’s my very favorite sandwich of all time. In the whole.wide.world.

& because Halloween was passing I had to try their pumpkin cheesecake before it was too late!

Pumpkin Cheese Cake Melt

It was delicious. Not as good as regular new york style cheesecake. 

P.S. I did not care for the warm whipped cream and syrup (everything should be warm or cold. No in betweens here people. Not with me).

Jay Reatard

+While driving around I spent a good part of the day listening to Jay Reatard’s Blood Visions. Just because. & track seven is my favorite. Easy.

Because I am greedy & free/frugal is my middle name I went to chipotle to get a free burrito. Yum!

Chipotle Free Burrito

& Lastly I’ve seen this house a few times a week for the past month & although I am not big on holiday outdoor lighting (with the exception of white lights at Christmas) I thought this was decent. Could even  be better with the right silhouettes (black cats, ghosts, witches, or spiders) and maybe an array of purple, green, and orange spotlights. Everything could be improved. Am I right?

Lighted Halloween House

Regardless of what you did, I hope you all had a great Halloween!

& Here’s to improving upon it for next year’s celebration!

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  1. YUM! The pumpkin chocolate chip cookies & pumpkin cheesecake sound SO good… you’re making me hungry! 🙂 Sounds like a busy weekend to me.

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