As I am writing my blog post I am chowin’ down on this:


It’s pretty good. Normally I’d throw an apple in there for good measure and occasionally a banana butttt today I have no bananas and there is always half an apple left (& who is in the mood to deal with that?).

Autumn Tree 0001

Autumn continues to impress and show its best.

It is so pushy in trying to show off that this buddy boy here was waiting for me in my car.

Leaf on Dash

My car. That reminds me! I wanted to show you all something. If you have a Toyota Corolla maybe you can relate.

Stranger's corolla

Here’s a picture of a Corolla I snapped the other day. –Do you see what I see? That’s right, zoom & focus those eyes. Whoever owns this car decided to remove the headrests in the backseat.

My Corolla 001

This is my car. They remain. Notice how large & in charge they are? They do obstruct the view a bit if you are short (Hey! I am five feet/six inches). However, I don’t think I could pry them out and have gaping holes glaring at me from the backseat. Who said the price of beauty wasn’t risky? Risk taker, I am!

Thrift Spoons/Fabric/Velvet
Excuse the quality of the photograph. It’s all much, much nicer with real eyes and not camera lenses.

I went to the thrift store before work and got orange velvet, two wooden spoons, and some vintage floral fabric. -I have an idea for that orange velvet involving crafty time + thanksgiving. Just you wait!

Oh! I just have to share this dining set. Check out those chairs! I want them. Retro & Modern.

Multimedia message

&! While I bid you adieu admire this beauty:

Multimedia message

He’s a candy dish.


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  1. Great blog! Cute candy dish and lovely pics.

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