Yesterday I got to visit the Easton center in Columbus. Reminds me of Beachwood place.

Had these babies:
5 Guys Cajun Fries

Cajun Fries! Aaah! They’re good but not one of a kind. They remind me of the fries at Red Robin if you use their seasoning. Still, I am a sucker for anything Cajun. Especially Cajun pasta but we’ll talk about that another day.


Five Guys Easton

It was pretty late by the time we actually got to Five Guys because I had to go to Trader Joe’s first to get these:

Trader Joe's Sushi

Sushi! I love their spicy krab rolls. I would eat an entire package everyday if they didn’t expire so quickly and they weren’t four bucks a pop. I bought two. Had one last night & one today for lunch. Yum!

& because it was nearly 9 by the time I left the restaurant I window shopped. Which is better anyway because then you don’t have the crowds or sales associates pressuring you to get this & that. No thanks.


Aldo Flats

I saw these & have to have them. Eventually.

Banana Republic:

Banana Republic Chain Flat

These are the chain flats from BR & although they’re nice they’re not worth the hundred dollars they cost. They remind me of the flats that Vera Wang had at Kohl’s a few months back but suede. If I ever got these they’d have to be 75% off but they’re still cute.

Banana Republic Ruffle Flats

Ruffle flats from BR. Although I like these and have seen many imitations I wonder if they just look better on the mannequin than they could ever look on me. Oh! & As if I had to tell you, I would buy the knock offs.

Banana Republic Outfit

I really like the simplicity of the outfit. The bracelet was my favorite part and I can dig the dark denim casual dress pants and shirt but I don’t know if I could rock the scarf. Just. Don’t. Know.

Pottery Barn:

PB Leather Chair

Ever since I sat down in a very comfortable leather chair at World Market a few weeks ago I am behind leather arm chairs as long as they look sleek and are in dark shades. Loved this one & the white wool-y rug beneath it.

PB Thanksgiving Display

They also had this pretty elaborate Thanksgiving setup. I could easily see myself borrowing a few of their ideas. Especially this:

Jars with mini Indian Corn

I just need apothecary jars. They are between forty & seventy dollars at pottery barn. Um! How can I say this politely? No thanks. I’ll be shopping around.

Crate & Barrel:

C&B Leaf Tablecloth

I loved the leaf tablecloth. Simple. I think I could make this with either a stamp or taking a stencil and hand painting it. Although the tablecloth isn’t outrageously expensive so it may be best to just buy it on clearance. Cost of supplies might outweigh its sale price. I’ll keep you updated.

Jars at C&B

These are between forty & sixty dollars. Ridiculous. I do like the gourds in the jar. Autumn staple. Did I tell you that I like the idea of using these jars a lot now?

Restoration Hardware:

Restoration Hardware Christmas Tree

This tree is simple & reminds me of why I only like white lights on Christmas trees. This tree also reminds me that I need a new artificial Christmas tree. The kind that looks/feels real. If I ever learned anything from my dad I’ll wait for post holiday clearance for that too.

Restoration Hardware Christmas Wreath & Mantle Display

Simple? Check. Festive? Check.

Design Within Reach:

Design within Reach Desk

Swag Desk.

Speaking of Christmas, this is on my wish list. $$$$$

+I’ve got ideas floating in my head. Things I want to replicate and things I want/need. Same difference.


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3 responses to “00016

  1. Great Blog! So happy to follow!

  2. I love sushi too. I would eat sushi every day, if it wouldn’t be that expensive.

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