While in Columbus I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check out the local Walmart. I know what you’re thinking (all Walmarts are the same). Wrong.

Check it!

Nordic Ware Maple Leaf Pan

This little muffin pan is adorable. You could easily make pumpkin, maple, or gingerbread muffins & they’d be perfect for any autumn day. Just warm a small bowl of cream cheese icing for dipping & Voilà!

Walmart 2009

I almost missed this gem. What does it remind you of? It reminds me of the Martha Stewart collection from last Halloween & this year’s present collection. The kicker? It was much, much, much cheaper. I believe it was four or five bucks.

Spooky Curtains Walmart 2009

These spooky cheese cloth curtains were great. I cannot remember their exact price (probably just a couple bucks) but they’d look great swagged over open windows for Halloween. They had these in white, black, and gray. I went for the gray but I think I could easily be persuaded to go right to white. –These would also be easy to make and possibly cheaper depending on the size and quantity you’d need/like. -If I cannot find these on clearance once Halloween passes? Well! I’ll make them myself.

Halloween Makeup Kit-Walmart 2009

Cool? Yes, these makeup kits are! Very much so! Perfect for Halloween costume get-ups or parties. It would save time & $$$.

P.S. I wouldn’t do these solo (you might risk getting the application off center or powder in your eyes. Ouch!).

&! Even at $10 (TEN highway robbery dollars), I had to have these flower Martha Stewart stamps. I’ve never seen these online or in store.

Martha Stewart Flower Stamps

With the right fabric ink I could make a cute tablecloth or embellish a t-shirt. With typical ink pads I could add detail to garlands, cards, or party favors and create a theme for birthdays, showers, or dinner parties. Just like that. Cute, huh?



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3 responses to “00015

  1. somuchforemily

    That pan! Is too much. Ah! Can you imagine taking white cake and dying the batter with red, orange and yellow (separately). Possibly even brown? Or mix up some other batter of spice cake to have some brown? Ahhh!!

  2. somuchforemily

    Also! Hit up any of these spots? and I mean you’ve got to find some thrifty stores.

  3. I need this pan !!!
    It is so frustrating to live in France … We don’t have all this fancy bakery stuff !
    How perfect these would be for my mother’s tearoom : she’s Canadian and her Tearoom is called “Miss Maple” !!!

    Best from Paris,
    x x x

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