Over the weekend I:

Got a chance to hang out with my favorite baby, Korey.

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He’s such a good baby. Doesn’t cry (he does get fussy when you put him in his car seat). Eats & eats. Doesn’t seem to be too picky unless you are feeding him anything that’s not pureed or liquid. –He just doesn’t like the texture of solids. It’s funny to watch him stick out his tongue and scowl.

It was fun & my arm got a good workout too. Heh.

I also got to go to the mall and look around. Macy’s had already clearanced the Martha Stewart Halloween kitchen stuff . I would have bought the cupcake and cake stencils but the sale was so minimal (10%? I laugh at you!) that I’ll just keep an eye out for when it goes half off. &! FYI! The Christmas collection for the kitchen ware is so so. However, she had a few Christmas ornaments that were nice.

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The toadstools are so! cute! & the acorn too. I could maybe do the pinecones (hypothetically) but only if they were glittered at this rate. Maybe just in brown, white, & silver.

I also had these:

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The draft cider is decent but it tastes a thousand (make that five thousand) times better when mixed with apple cider. Together it just tastes like a really good apple cider with zinggggggg.

& because we cannot get away from autumn just yet…

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The cream cheese I had to have. It took me two trips before I finally got my hands on it. –Had to wait for a new shipment. So yummy!


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Ghosts, bats, & jack-o-lanterns! oh!my! Pasta shapes. –Hello! Festive lunch!

& Finally this awesome decorative display sign:

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Awesome? Yes. I’d love to replicate this with orange cardstock & silk screening or with paint on canvas. Either/Or. What do you think?



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2 responses to “00014

  1. Does your Macy’s have any other Martha ornament collections on display. They have been hard to find in the North East. With most not having any Martha ornaments. I’ve seen the white collection. There is also a toy themed tree and may be an asian themed tree too. But I have not seen the latter. Much less than previous years. Also, now all ornaments are made in china. some of the glass ones for the first couple of years came from Eastern Europe. Hope I didn’t bore you.

    • pinkhoneycombs

      North East? I am in Ohio (not sure if you would consider that the North East…). I haven’t been to Macy’s in about three to four weeks. I had seen a few trees but the white one and the toadstool tree were my favorites. Not as many as you would have seen in previous years though. Have you seen actual trees in her name? I haven’t & that bums me out. I’ve been wanting one that looks and feels like a real tree and I’ve seen them last year & the year before. Sigh. –P.S. You didn’t bore me. 🙂 Appreciate your comment!

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