I went to the thrift store today & I found Korey (nephew) a Halloween costume. It’s a lion. I attempted to take a picture of it but every time I try it just looks like garbage. -It’s super cute though & I cannot wait to dress him up for the holiday & draw whiskers on his face and a feline pink nose.

& While just taking a chance and looking at the children’s shoes department I found a pair of boys vans. They’re for a toddler & although Korey is bigger than most kids his age (he wears 18 mos. and is only 10 mos.), I doubt he can fit a three/four year old’s shoes just yet. I am excited for him nonetheless. They are vans. VANS! The only tennis shoes I will wear (but of course!). My nephew has to go out in style. Definitely.



&! When I said I would be on a look out for the trees changing I noticed this today:

Multimedia message

The trees are definitely changing but many are not following suit.

P.S. I heard that Bruegger’s Bagels has a pumpkin cream cheese out for the season.
Must. Try. To. Get. That. This. Weekend. Aaaah!


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