Autumn definitely has crept up on me this year. I left to run errands the other day & this is what I found:

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Fallen leaves on my car. Shades of red, orange, & yellow. They’re simply cute. I am going to try to watch the trees over the next few days and see how much they are changing. They’re even more interesting to look at than their fallen soldiers.

& Because it is autumn, I had to break out my tennis shoes today. I admit that I haven’t worn them all summer (& in fact they’ve been in my car for the past two months), but I am hesitant to be confined to wear them all winter. I love flats too much. They’re easier to slip on & look a zillion times more pulled together than my sneaks. We’ll see how long I go with these. Maybe I need a new pair of boots? Or flats that go well with tights & trouser socks?

I like these:

Sneakers will still be my best friend and go-to-man with t-shirts. Honest.

The red flats are from pacsun & the other two are from urban outfitters.

I equally need all three pairs. Feel free to contact me & buy away! No. Yes. Seriously.

Last & least to continue with the holiday spirit check these out:

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Multimedia message

These are at my grandma’s house. She made both of them. She has an awesome jack-o-lantern still hiding in storage but I hope she’ll get it out soon because it is too neat to not be able to share it.

That’s it for now.

El Fin.


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