This past Friday I attempted to find a box of Halloween decorations but couldn’t find my good ones. -You know how that goes. Some things from your shopping past just don’t do it for you anymore. Well! I am going to probe harder for those tonight & have them up this week. Almost seems like a waste to have them up for three weeks but it’s worth it. Besides half of the pumpkin-y stuff can stay up until Thanksgiving. Cha-Ching. –Seriously though, I’ll have them up for y’all this week.

I did manage to do this:

Multimedia message

I took a single panel sheet & cut each bat out individually. I like it better this way & have the opportunity to scatter them on more windows & mirrors.

Multimedia message


Multimedia message

I figured I could paint my toenails in Halloween style & not too many people would notice just how funky it looks now that sandal season has passed.

Dig it!


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