I recently bought a pair of dress pants at the thrift store  in a woman’s size twelve. They’re much too big for me but I was thinking I could use the pant legs to create long narrow pillows for both the couch & bed. This particular pair of pants was a lovely shade of two parts dark gray & one part navy with silver speckles thrown into it.

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Closer still

Cute, Right?

I think I could use the leftover scraps to create a garland to tie it all in. Here’s what I got! I’ve thought about  silver & gold.  They’re friends after all. Remember a few posts back? Blah Blah Blah Silver! Silver! & Gold for extra pizzazz? Something like that. Well, they’re a good pair for new year’s decor and they can sit  out the rest of January. I recently bought a gold/bronze-y pillow.  Well, this gold pillow & these soon to be silver linen pillows will be a smash! I just need a few yards of another gray/silver & some gold to complete the pillows/garland. +Just you wait & see! The results will make you want to ring in the New Year…now!

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Halloween is slowing cropping up around here.  Hopefully, I’ll get on the ball & decorate this weekend. Check back!



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