Today my brother brought over a few boxes of stuff that I had left at my dad’s. Now my dad is moving so all that stuff is catching up with me.

I already went through all three boxes. The first two were real easy. Home interior’s pictures that hung up in my childhood room, clothes, misc. toys, etc. Out of those two boxes I kept my water baby & a box of Barbie doll clothes. I know, I know. Why would I need either of those things now? Well! Let me tell you. I kept the water baby because other than my baby shivers she was the only doll that I ever entertained even playing with & as for those Barbie doll outfits they would be swell for someone who could play with them in ten years. I say this because one of my dad’s friends let me play with her vintage Barbie clothes and dolls and I thought they were the coolest things ever. I want that for a daughter I may have.

The last box was just a bunch of embarrassing mementos. Cards, flyers, letters, notes, school work, etc. You know how that goes. You write something when you were sixteen & think to yourself ‘that was the shit’. Wrong. Fast forward six years & it is garbage. 98% of that box found a home in the trashcan. I did find this picture of me & my dog back in ’95.

Multimedia message

Cute. I know.

On my way to work I brought the first two boxes to the thrift store to be donated & popped inside the outlet. Did not find much but I did stumble upon an old ratty ceramic tree. It was only a buck so I grabbed it just for its bulbs. -The bulbs are expensive & I have a few trees that I’ve picked up along away with empty holes so spares are always a plus.

Multimedia message


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