This weekend I looked through a few choice magazines for ideas. I found a few that I am certainly pleased with. They’re mostly holiday/Christmas related. –My policy? It’s never too early to get inspired for holiday crafts. period.

Please excuse the quality of these photos. I am lazy (at times a lot) & happen to take a lot of photos with my camera phone. Tsk tsk.

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I found this & was somewhat intrigued. I have found one of these elves at a thrift store this past summer & could not resist buying it. I recently saw a set of these (& this time talked myself out of it) but I kind of like this idea. Especially if you had a playful theme & felted garlands to drape across the chandelier.

&! Then I found this:

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It’s adorable! In its own vintage-y + chic-y way. I like it. It could be done in a variety of colors with not only bulbs hanging from its center but also vintage pins or brocades stuck to it. +I totally dig the glass candy jars too. It is an easy filler for mantle space but still holds holiday charm, & the deers/does are the perfect finishing touch.

Here’s a closer look at the wreath:

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A desired length of chenille pipe cleaner could be cut and looped around the back along a wire or styrofoam wreath form to achieve the same look. A satin or velvet ribbon bow at top? Gorgeous! Got any other suggestions to achieve this look? Let’s brainstorm!

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Feather Trees! Great!
I love feather trees. They’re so clean and are my go-to instead of those tacky yucky disgusting dreadful ugly artificial table trees. You know the ones. It would be a difficult decision but I’d want one of these or a classic vintage ceramic tree on my desk/dresser.
-They’re the perfect touch to a bedroom or home office. Nothing else needed. No santa statues or wax tree candles for me. Ick.

+++Winter! Winter! Winter!
Believe it when I tell you that Old Man Winter is on his way. Try to greet him & embrace the season with silver. Lots & lots of silver. (Save the gold for a New Year’s celebration & pair it with silver for a finishing flashy & elegant touch).

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Stunning? No? Yes!
Take the silver candle stick holders & pinecones and strategically place them upon mantles/shelves/dressers/sideboards/anywhere. Be on the look out for branches that you can spray paint (if you’re up to it pair with silver glitter. -Martha makes the best) & small decorative pieces. Usually about the time when holiday displays arrive, come silver snowflakes/deer/sleds/etc. Pick some up!

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Silver bottle brush trees are great too! They tend to run on the more expensive side at most craft stores (try looking on ebay or discount stores instead).

These photos (are from what I believe to be a BHG magazine) are allowing me to embrace the cold weather (even if it’s only a little bit) and are having me dreaming of Christmas and January Winter decorative displays.

Let’s get crafty!


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