Last night after I got home from work & while watching a prerecorded “All My Children” (Don’t judge), I flipped through a few magazines that just arrived in time for my Halloween crafting/baking/thinking/decorating.

I really love to decorate for Halloween. Not sure why (maybe it is because I love to decorate. period.). I never cared much for haunted houses or even trick-or-treating so I don’t associate any of those with my fondness for the day/time of year. Maybe it’s just fall and the jolly jack o’lanterns and everything apple and pumpkin that comes with it.

Pumpkin breads/fry cakes/cider. Yum! Don’t get me started.

Where was I?

I think what I love most about it is the colors and the contrast they have against walls/displays/furniture/etc. Orange & Black. Simple decorations are best. ❤ Ceramic pumpkins, black cats & bats, and white ghosts. Nice. — Not into red blood/gore, gobs&gobs of neon green glow-in-the-dark webbing, or even dangling skeletons and dull tombstones. None of that for me.

Here are a couple of pages with things that I want to recreate:

Multimedia message

I love the black branch above the door and the wreath. Spooky yet still tasteful.


Multimedia message

The bat tree that sprung from the pumpkin. Cute.

& Finally

Multimedia message

The spray painted black flowers. Simple but with impact.

+Working on a few craft projects and seeing ANYTHING that can inspire or spark any sort of idea makes the effort put into the project(s) x98561549156 that much more rewarding!



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